Learn all about investing in real estate in New Bedford, Massachusetts with a combination of real estate financial planning and modeling with numbers specific to New Bedford plus syndicated, more generalized recordings of live and pre-recorded real estate investing classes (not all specific to New Bedford).

Latest Episodes

Real Estate Nomad™ in New Bedford

James walks you through the assumptions for Nomading™ in New Bedford.

Modeling Your Real Estate Investments - Rules Overview

James goes over the different rules you can use to model your real estate investing strategy.

Are FHA Loans for Suckers?

James goes over the pros and significant cons of FHA loans and helps you determine if FHA loans are for suckers.

Housing Starts Reaction Video

James gives his off-the-cuff reaction to the latest national new construction housing starts charts for 1 units and 5+ units.

Effects of Shifting Economic Forces on the Real Estate Market

James was interview by Dave Goldberg with The Investor's Source about our current real estate market.

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