Learn all about investing in real estate in New Bedford, Massachusetts with a combination of real estate financial planning and modeling with numbers specific to New Bedford plus syndicated, more generalized recordings of live and pre-recorded real estate investing classes (not all specific to New Bedford).

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EV - Why It's Risky to Leverage Up When Investing in Real Estate

Learn about Expected Value (EV) and why leveraging up when investing in real estate adds risk.

Ways to Speed Up Achieving Financial Independence

Learn how to speed up achieving financial independence.

Preparing to Get Mortgages

Don't wait until you're buying the property to start preparing the get a mortgage... there are things you can and should do months or years in advance to make sure you...

Accessing Equity in Properties

As property prices rise and you pay down debt on your mortgage, equity in your properties rise. And even though the returns on your properties may also be increasing, ...

The Return on Investment on Extra Down Payments

Should you put 5% down as a Nomad™? Should you put 15% down and not move in? 20%, 25%, 30%, 40%? Learn about the ROI from putting more down when buying investment prop...

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